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A Short History of Saltwater State Park

  • Cabin Construcion
    Cabin Construcion
  • CCC
  • Newly Opened Museum
    Newly Opened Museum
  • Saltwater Cafe
    Saltwater Cafe
  • CCC

Saltwater State Park is a gorgeous 88 acres featuring 1,445 feet of saltwater shoreline on Puget Sound. It is one of 800 parks in Washington State, constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). The area was originally known as McSorley’s Gulch; a favorite spot for the Lower Puget Sound Native American Tribe’s to harvest shellfish. In the late 1920s, feuding cities of Tacoma and Seattle launched a campaign to raise money to purchase the Gulch for a park that would be shared by the communities by both communities. The effort was successful, and during the 1933 park dedication a hatchet was buried in the park, signifying the end of the long time hostilities.

In 1935 and 1936 the CCC constructed several park buildings that are still in use today. In 2013, the log cabin previously used at a home for park rangers, was converted in to a natural history museum for the Park, and is open to the public.

Much of the CCCs hard work remains as evidence of their craftsmanship, and dedication to environmental stewardship. Please come out and celebrate our planet's natural beauty at the Earth Day Fair!