Earth Day Fair 2016

Earth Day Every Day!

Presenters and Activities

Registered Presenters for 2016!

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Fun games for the children and chaperons!

This year, the Earth Day games will help kids learn about conserving water, cleaning up the ocean to save fish, and to learn sustainable fishing practices. We will also play a relay game that incorporates recycling, trash, and compost, and will explore the life cycle of Northwest salmon!

Loving the arts and crafts activities!

This year, the Earth Day arts and crafts table will assist kids with making recycled trees, egg carton and bottle cap flowers, and handprint fish. The kids will also be able to leave with their earth day promise to help save the planet.
Getting ready for an adventurous trail walk. The trial guides point out bugs, plants, and other fun finds as the children trek through the short hike.
Remembering that we are giants to the little critters that live on the beach. Beach guides point out marine life, and explain their importance in the beach ecosystem.
Sparky the Fire Fighting Dog, always comes to the Earth Day Fair!
Some real hands on learning at the touch tanks!
A couple of service dogs who joined us.
Our presenters always have fun activities that are educational too!